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Mhh, let me sleep a little longer! It has been an hard day of intense playing and calling omma for bit more cuddling. Come play with me tomorrow!



Baking the perfect baby is way more difficult than the ordinary bread. You need lots of love from two close bakers, a big patience and th strength to carry he oven around or nine months. At the end it can only be the masterpiece of nature. Lots of love to you all.


Juliana and Johannes



Marvellous softness of a mother


Juliana and Johannes

Nature brushed warm strokes for Juliana and Johannes. A day of autumn so splendid that you could find the same in ancient tales of Korean empires. The redding maples the giant pines played with us in decorating the slow walk of a loving coupleJuliana-2

Straight to business


Born to be beautiful

Irina’s long wait

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Irina, beauty blogger, motivator, inspiration to thousands of youtubers and now mum to be! An amazing encounter I had in Minsk. I am sure her generosity of advice is taken by the camera…




One of my beautiful little brides from the First Communion!