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We are family



Let sun shine on our lives

Aksana Photography

My brightest summer


Light, Bright, Hot feeling happy, feeling need to share my fun. Immediate connections that bud in this season last forever, like the sun: Light, Bright, Hot in our heart.

Photographer Geneva

Time to be together

“This year I made six vows: one for each one of my free spirits in the house. A vow of love, a vow of fun a vow to share the time together. One vow that we’ll meet together, in the merriest of the times.”


Happiness of Mamta



The power of six

Every corner is fit to party: two big, four small, mama and papa and all us kids. Let us through, we need to play! Pepe, Nico, Fabi, Cata will play in a circle, this palace is a playground, will need a bit more space! Together we hold hands, forever we’ll share lives. Today is another party, we’ll do it more and more.