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My world is you, since the day I conceived you I wished you my love and motherly  cares. Long nights have elapsed while I quietly whispered you, how much I wanted you. Your cry is now my delight, my wish come true.





Mhh, let me sleep a little longer! It has been an hard day of intense playing and calling omma for bit more cuddling. Come play with me tomorrow!


Unclouded brows

Child of the pure unclouded brow and dreaming eyes of wonder!
Your loving smile will surely hail the love-gift of a fairy-tale.
I and you are half a life apart and starting life together. Baby-1

Born to be beautiful


Born to be beautiful



My youngest modele so far-9 days old!

Kavya, the baby poet

Two boys were all waiting,
while mama was sweating.
Now Kavya has arrived
and shines by my side.
Kavya is sunshine and moonbeams and more,
she brightens our world as never before.
My baby is a poem which rhymes in my heart,
she’s lovely and perfect: a real piece of art.