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The way to perfect definition

10 Reps of Haiku curls
10 Reps of Irish Ballard presses
3×5 Paragraphs of trenchant prose
5x Lyrical lunges
Is not that arm a poetry verse?
Is not that leg a rhyme? Yulia-0001






Get closer, closer! now you see a concentrate of happiness in my eyes! Everybody can see it or only you? I will share with you this moment of joy, just look deep in me and you will see why.Portraiture Geneva

Photoshoot in Zürich

Cobbled streets, gorgeous dresses and passers-by in awe. How to better open the warm season than a stroll in the placid flowered street of Zürich? Yelena’s presence brightened the city, I hope she’ll brighten your smile too.



Photoshoot in Zürich

Photoshoot in Zürich! This is just a teaser of the glamorous photoshoot of Yelena at the beginning of spring. Cobbled streets, gorgeous dresses and passers-by in awe. More to come…

Portraiture Switzerland

The flow of Love (Full series)


The flow of Love

Wedding Geneve