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The look of Love

You cannot see it but is there, and it is as strong as ever. A 10000 kilometres bridge, a connection of hearts which pulse together. A communion of minds made of tenderness and love that flowered when my couple met in front of my lens, where the dance of sweet whispers and gentle touches unfolded slowly.


The power of six


Juliana and Johannes

Nature brushed warm strokes for Juliana and Johannes. A day of autumn so splendid that you could find the same in ancient tales of Korean empires. The redding maples the giant pines played with us in decorating the slow walk of a loving coupleJuliana-2

Beatriz & Lorenzo Spanish Wedding

A bright day of July was adorned by the union of Beatriz & Lorenzo. Cupid did not miss striking them with an arrow, which landed in Korea! To Seoul, the city of love, the city of many supporting friends and majestic palaces. All the best for these two newly wed and stay tuned for more pics to come…

An ordinary day of extraordinary fun

Only Jean


“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

John Keats   1795 – 1821