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Get closer, closer! now you see a concentrate of happiness in my eyes! Everybody can see it or only you? I will share with you this moment of joy, just look deep in me and you will see why.Portraiture Geneva

Photoshoot in Zürich

Cobbled streets, gorgeous dresses and passers-by in awe. How to better open the warm season than a stroll in the placid flowered street of Zürich? Yelena’s presence brightened the city, I hope she’ll brighten your smile too.



My brightest summer


Light, Bright, Hot feeling happy, feeling need to share my fun. Immediate connections that bud in this season last forever, like the sun: Light, Bright, Hot in our heart.

Photographer Geneva


Flow of love

Intense love, this is what I read in your eyes. Like a stream that never stops flowing, my loving care will flow to you, starting today for every day we’ll be together.
Wedding Geneve


Renaissance man



I met the most beautiful Autumn in my life in Seoul