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Through the gates of the wedding, to the gardens of marriage.


Hochzeit Schloss Sargans

Hochzeit Schloss Sargans


Straight out of a fairy tale! Guess which one!

Hochzeit Villette Park

Hochzeit Villette Park


Few minutes before marrying you!

Wedding Photographer Swiss

Muse of my heart

You are the Muse, now I understand. Walking by your side you spark admiration: because your soul reflect on your neverending smile, because you are blessed of a beauty never seen before. Muse of my heart, I melt at the thought that soon you’ll be mine forever, through a tender vow that will resonate in time.”

Wedding Geneva

The flow of Love (Full series)

Unforgettably yours



This day shall be remembered, memories of a wonderful love that finds its natural harmony. Memories of a chic reception at the most elegant venue of Geneva.

Wedding photography Geneva


The flow of Love

Wedding Geneve


Flow of love

Intense love, this is what I read in your eyes. Like a stream that never stops flowing, my loving care will flow to you, starting today for every day we’ll be together.
Wedding Geneve


I met the most beautiful Autumn in my life in Seoul


Delphine’s day

Hands in hands we keep face to face
While that moment
Below the bridge of our clasped arms there race
Eternal eyes in flows that are so tired.
And when the night arrives and sounds its bell,
The days are gone, but here I surely dwell.

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